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Ayanda Timothy

Collaboration Catalyst | Learning & Development | Facilitator

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"I was born knowing nothing, let me live to share all I know, so I die empty"

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About me

I am the Catalyst that collaborates with brands to bring exciting and meaningful projects, programs and initiatives to life.

I am passionate about people, through my work I get access to so many dynamic individuals, having the opportunity to positively contribute to their betterment gives great meaning to my life.

I aspire to get involved in global initiatives that bridge apparent gaps because if there is one thing about human beings that I have observed is that, we are all different yet so the same, always chasing the same thing but in different ways.


`BA Corporate Communications
BCom Business Management

Certified Facilitator
Certified Constituent Assessor
Certified Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

Bronze Award Recipient - Female Entrepreneurs Association of South Africa

My Goals

To constantly and consistently create and be in spaces that keep me woke, keep me reaching, keep me dreaming, keep me questioning and keep me believing.

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