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Arvind Ram

Co-Founder of Higher Ground

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"We're all just one conversation away from the life we truly want!!!"

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About me

I help people turn their ideas into action by working closely with them to define, refine, build and grow their vision.

Growing up in South Africa, I am not a stranger to the weight that nature and nurture have on success. While we often can't control nature, we can learn to control "nurture" by:
1 - inviting the right people into our lives and
2 - safely converting your naysayers into propellants for success


- Applying the lessons learnt in Banking, Edu-tech and Startup, to control the steering wheel of my own life.

- Navigated 3 largest cities in South Africa and built life-long relationships across all before moving to Australia.

- Escaped death 3 times with the same woman who I now call my wife.

My Goals

We should all be able to connect with experts in any industry, if we believe that they could help us realise our potential.

While everyone deserves a push in the right direction, they should also be willing to play a part in creating mutually rewarding engagements.

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